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New York Child Victims Act 

Understanding the New York 
Child Victims Act

The New York Child Victims Act (CVA) represents a significant legal milestone for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Enacted to provide victims with a clearer path to justice, the CVA has fundamentally changed how survivors can pursue legal action against their abusers and the institutions that protected them. At Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro, LLP, we are dedicated to advocating for the rights of these survivors, offering compassionate and expert legal support. 

Key Provisions of the New York Child Victims Act

Revival Window

One of the most critical components of the CVA is the revival window. This window provided a one-time, two-year period during which survivors of childhood sexual abuse could file claims regardless of when the abuse occurred. This means that even if the statute of limitations had previously expired on a case, survivors could still seek justice and hold their abusers accountable. This revival window ended on August 14, 2021, but it opened the doors for countless survivors to come forward.

Extended Statute of Limitations

The CVA also significantly extends the statute of limitations for filing civil and criminal cases related to childhood sexual abuse:

  • Civil Cases: Survivors can file a lawsuit until they reach the age of 55.
  • Criminal Cases: Prosecutions can be initiated until the survivor reaches the age of 28.

These extensions provide survivors with more time to process their trauma and make the decision to seek legal recourse.

How Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro    
Advocates for Victims

At Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro, LLP, we understand the profound impact that childhood sexual abuse can have on a person's life. Our dedicated team of attorneys is committed to providing the support and expertise necessary to navigate these challenging cases.

Here’s how we advocate for victims:

Compassionate Legal Support

We approach every case with the utmost sensitivity and respect. Our attorneys are trained to handle these matters delicately, ensuring that survivors feel heard and supported throughout the legal process.

Seasoned Legal Representation

Our team has extensive experience in handling cases under the Child Victims Act. We thoroughly investigate each claim, gather crucial evidence, and build a robust case to hold perpetrators and negligent institutions accountable.

Comprehensive Guidance

Navigating the legal system can be daunting, especially for those dealing with the trauma of childhood abuse. We provide clear, comprehensive guidance at every step, ensuring our clients understand their rights and options.

Commitment to Justice

We are relentless in our pursuit of justice for survivors. Our firm is dedicated to securing the compensation and acknowledgment that our clients deserve, helping them to move forward in their healing journey.

Explore our comprehensive resources for survivors and victims of sexual abuse and assault to find the support and information That you need:

Resources for Survivors and Victims of Sexual Abuse & Assault 

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

If you or someone you know is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, it’s important to know that you are not alone. The legal team at Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro, LLP is here to help. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation. Our compassionate attorneys will listen to your story, explain your legal options, and stand by your side in the fight for justice.

Call us at (800) 572-7246 or fill out our online contact form to get started. Together, we can work towards holding abusers accountable and achieving the justice you deserve.

By understanding and leveraging the New York Child Victims Act, Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro, LLP is committed to empowering survivors and advocating for their rights. Let us help you navigate this path to justice with compassion and expertise.



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