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Sexual Abuse and Assault 

Advocating for Survivors of Sexual Abuse & Assault 

At Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro, LLP, we recognize that seeking justice for survivors of sexual abuse and assault goes beyond legal expertise. It requires a deep, compassionate understanding of the profound and lasting impact these traumatic experiences can have on a survivor’s mental and emotional well-being. Our team is dedicated to providing the empathetic support and expert legal representation that survivors need to reclaim their lives and achieve some form of closure.

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Our Commitment to Compassionate Advocacy

Understanding the Impact

We understand that sexual abuse and assault can leave indelible scars on the spirit and mental health of survivors. The journey to justice is not just about holding perpetrators accountable; it’s also about acknowledging the pain and trauma that survivors endure. Our team is uniquely qualified to offer the compassionate support necessary to help survivors tell their stories and fight their abusers.

Experienced Legal Representation

Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling cases of sexual abuse and assault. We are committed to thorough investigations, meticulous preparation, and aggressive litigation to ensure that survivors receive the justice they deserve. Our legal expertise is complemented by a sensitive approach, ensuring that our clients feel supported and understood throughout the process.

Holistic Support

We believe in addressing the holistic needs of our clients. In addition to legal representation, we connect survivors with essential resources such as counseling and support groups. Our goal is to empower survivors not only in the courtroom but also in their personal healing journeys.

How We Help Survivors

Comprehensive Case Evaluation

We begin with a thorough and confidential case evaluation to understand the unique circumstances of each survivor’s experience. Our team listens with empathy and provides clear, honest advice on the legal options available.

Building a Strong Case

Our attorneys are skilled in gathering evidence, working with experts, and building a compelling case to hold perpetrators and negligent institutions accountable. We handle all aspects of the legal process, allowing survivors to focus on their recovery.

Fighting for Justice

We are relentless in our pursuit of justice. Whether through negotiation or trial, we strive to secure the maximum compensation and acknowledgment that our clients deserve. Our advocacy extends beyond the courtroom, working to ensure systemic changes that protect others from similar harm.

Achieving Closure

While no legal outcome can erase the trauma of sexual abuse and assault, achieving justice can be a crucial step towards closure. Our team is committed to helping survivors find a sense of resolution and empowerment through the legal process.

Contact Us for a Free, Confidential Consultation

If you or someone you know is a survivor of sexual abuse or assault, it’s important to know that you have legal options and support available. The legal team at Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro, LLP is here to help. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation. Our compassionate attorneys will listen to your story, explain your legal options, and stand by your side in the fight for justice.

Call us at (800) 572-7246 or fill out our online contact form to get started. Together, we can work towards holding abusers accountable and achieving the justice you deserve.

At Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro, LLP, we are dedicated to advocating for survivors of sexual abuse and assault with compassion and expertise. Let us help you navigate this path to justice, providing the support and legal representation you need to move forward.


What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "Thanks to Jeff and SSKB Law we had a successful outcome and I know that wouldn’t have been possible with anyone else. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who needs representation."
    Chrissy B.
  • "I would like to say that I am glad I hired this firm to handle my case. From Joe to Jeff to Steve to Jonathan everyone with whom I ever spoke to treated me with respect, professionalism and courtesy."
    Mark A.
  • "I have recommended Edward to a number of friends and colleagues in need of legal advice or representation, and they've all been very pleased."
    Anna S.
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